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David Daley: Dirty Politics and Gerrymandering in the GOP


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With Barack Obama’s historic election in 2008, pundits proclaimed the Republicans as dead as the Whigs of yesteryear. Yet even as Democrats swooned, a small cadre of Republican operatives began mobilizing for their recovery. In his upcoming book, David Daley (editor-in-chief of Salon) describes the actions of these men, including Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, and Chris Jankowski. Their “simple, yet ingenious plan” took a tradition of dirty tricks―known to political insiders as “ratf**king”―to an unprecedented level. Daley will discuss the details of what he describes as “one of the greatest heists in American political history” and the far-reaching effects of the process, which radically altered America’s electoral map, exacerbated gridlock, and fostered the kind of political climate that has given rise to Donald Trump. Despite their short-term success, Daley asserts that the GOP may have caused themselves some bigger problems.